Acquire was orinally purchased to make staffing cruise ships an easier online experience for the talent and the staffing agents.  Since the person that I was going to do this for is no longer doing the work that I acquired this domain for, I stopped working on it about 2 months after purchasing it and it lies domant.  If you are interested in this domain, please let me know. I keep it active because of what it cost me orignally, and maybe someday I'll work on it again.  But for now, it lies here, another brick in the stone pathway of the internet, collecting dust.

Just to be clear, if you decide that you would like to purchase this domain, feel free to contact me, but let me know what you want to pay for it i.e. what it's worth to you. I'm not playing the bargaining game of you hoping to get it for less than you think it's worth.